10Referrals To WIN!

Referral Reward Program Rules
1 Only 1 award will be awarded per Referrer.
2 Referrer will select award they want to earn with Cobar Roofing representative, who will continue to communicate with Referrer regarding progress status toward chosen award.
3 Referrer will be awarded prize of their choice upon verification of Referees contracted to have their work completed by Cobar Roofing.
4 Referrer may at any time choose a lesser award by notifying their Cobar Roofing representative.
5 Referrer will supply names & contact information for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. whom they believe can truly use Cobar Roofing's services.
6 Referrer will make an introductory phone call to make Referrees aware that Cobar Roofing's representative will be contacting them to introduce services available.
If you qualify, see your Cobar Roofing Representative for more details on your award.

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